Open Space, Farmland Preservation, Conservation, Historical & Recreation Advisory Committee

Reminders for Impending Bad Weather

With the impending blizzard we would like to remind everyone of several ordinances that are essential for everyone's safety and the efficient removal of snow by our Department of Public Works.
- Parking prohibited on all streets and highways for 72 hours or until streets are cleared of snow.
- Property owners/Tenants shall remove snow from sidewalks and from around fire hydrants located on said premises for a radius of two feet within 24 hours after the snowfall has ended.
- The plowing or throwing of snow across or onto a street or highway is prohibited.
Please refrain from any unnecessary travel during the storm.

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Open Space, Farmland Preservation, Conservation, Historical and Recreation Advisory Committee

Ron Hayes, Township Committee
Term Expires 12/31/2017
Richard Rosenblum, Recreation Representative 
Term Expires 12/31/2017
Andy Parke, Historian/Historical Site Preservation
Term Expires 12/31/2018
Glen Todd, Environmental Commission
Term Expires 12/31/2017

Jim Watters, Agricultural
Term Expires 12/31/2017
Carren Thomas, Citizen 
Term Expires 12/31/2018
Matt Wielgus, Citizen
Term Expires 12/31/2017

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