Department of Public Works


The Department of Public Works maintains more than 50 miles of road, 70-plus acres of recreation fields and all public buildings. The department also manages a fleet of eight trucks and road and recreational equipment. Snow removal and road salting are among the department's responsibilities in the winter; roadside mowing, tree and brush trimming in the summer.

Stormwater Education Management

When it rains in Mansfield Township, stormwater flows over driveways, streets, lawns, and sidewalks.  While flowing the water picks up debris, chemicals, oil, pet waste, and other pollutants. All of these things flow into the storm drains and go into the streams and rivers.

Here are some things that can be done to help keep the waters clean:

DO NOT DUMP ANYTHING INTO A STORM DRAIN!  This includes oil, gas, antifreeze, paint, etc.
Pet Waste must be picked up and disposed of properly (Chapter 123-43)
While on Township Property use pet waste bags to clean up after your pet 
Do not feed the wildlife on Township property (Chapter 123-36)
Do not litter. Place garbage and recycling in proper containers (Chapter 290-1)
Private Storm Drains must be retrofit (Chapter 293-1)

If you see someone deliberately dumping anything into a storm drain call 1-877-WARN-DEP.

Clean Water NJ

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DPW Contact

Summer Hours (Memorial Day - Labor Day)
6:00am - 2:30pm
Hours (Labor Day - Memorial Day)
7:00am to 3:30pm

(908) 979-8984 phone
(908) 979-8985 fax

Our Location

Township of Mansfield
100 Port Murray Road
Port Murray, NJ 07865
Phone: (908) 689-6151
Fax: (908) 689-2840

Public Safety

In case of emergency, dial 911
For non-emergencies, dial

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